Silvex – Indústria de Plástico e Papéis, SA. (Plastic and Paper Industry,), founded in 1968 in the city of Lisbon, started out its business through the  launch of labelling machines in Portugal, a worldwide first which made the lives of merchants and clients much easier when it came to pricing the products.

The innovations, a permanent trend in the history of the company, were fundamental for the brand solidification, making it today a market leader in food conservation and packaging in Portugal.

Silvex brand started has a household name when back in 1972 introduced the first foodwraper cling film, the first brand to introduce garbage bags (1974), responsible for the substitution of ice cube trays to ice cube bags (1985), and on late 90`s to launch the Multibag concept (freeze and steam cook in microwave).

Recently, Silvex was the first brand to launch biodegradable plastic bags with its Bionature and in different products such as ice sticks which finally enable us to put ice in a bottle.

Celebrating its 40 years and employing more than 200 people, Silvex has met market demands with determination and creativity.

Seeking We seek to be a reference, providing innovative products and services with quality which enable us to continue as market leaders in technology and commerce, and at the same time satisfying clients’ and consumers’ needs and expectations.