Our Values

. Passion for winning
We like to win! We must celebrate our victories and, above all, take setbacks as opportunities to learn and correct our mistakes. Being good is not enough, we must be very good.

. Leadership
We all have the responsibility to think and act as leaders in our own areas. We must keep defining ambitious objectives in order to attain and maintain leadership.

. Creativity and Innovation
We must fight routine, frequently question our habits and simplify work processes.
We must show initiative and present innovative solutions.
Create products and processes which make life easier.
We must always search for continuous improvement in our activities. Only this will allow us to face the growing and stronger global competition.
We must accept change as a form of natural development.

. Customer-oriented
Achieve customer’s trust and satisfaction.
We must always try to generate sustainable compromises.
Understand and anticipate needs.
Create added value.