Our Code of Conduct

1. General conduct
Silvex carries out its business in accordance with principles of honesty, integrity and tolerance.

2. Employees
The Company undertakes to promote equal opportunity employment, by employing and promoting out employees based on their qualifications and abilities for the position.
Silvex is proud that 30% of its staff has been working in the company for more than 10 years, with growing responsibilities and that they are a valued asset and large contributors for its growth.
All staff members are important in the positions they occupy.

3. Consumers
Silvex seeks to consistently create, produce and market products offering value and quality for money and that are safe for their intended purposes. We endeavour to have our products correctly labelled with adequate information.

4. Business partners
Silvex seeks to achieve true partnerships with its suppliers, customers and consumers leading to lasting and productive relations.

5. Differenciation
Difference is a quality that we privilege and value.
Although engaged in similar functions, the productivity of people may differ and the best results must be compensated.

6. The Environment
Silvex recycles and treats all its waste and residues, either in-house or resorting to certified recycling companies. Thus we seek to develop all environmental practices adequate to our business.
Concerning the selection of raw materials, Silvex has been adopting increasingly stringent criteria leading to minimize environmental impacts and to achieve compliance with legal requirements.

7. Integrity
We must achieve our ambitious goals by safeguarding our basic principles of integrity.
Openness and honesty must guide both our internal and external relations.

8. Property
The property of the Company must be treated as our own property.
Company and employees’ interests are indivisible. 
We accept and we want to be responsible for our actions.