Innovation Patterns

2008 - Product of the Year 2008 Awards Winner
The brand is elected product of the year by consumers in the category of Marketing and Innovation in the ice cube bag range, with the following products: ice stick bags, whisky ice cube bags, automatic closure system ice bags and crushed ice bags.

2007 - Ice Stick and XL Cling Film
The introduction of ice sticks enabled us to provide the client with a product that allows the cooling of bottles wherever they go. On the other hand, the new plastic wrap with an extra 5cm than the original enabling us to cover the whole plate in comparison to its ancestors.

2006 - Introduction of the first Biodegradable Garbage Bag
With the introduction of Bionatura and presenting the first biodegradable garbage bag in the market, Silvex was once again ahead of the competition.

2005 - Ice Cube Bag and Garbage Bag Innovation
We introduced into the market crushed ice bags and sliding tie anti-bacterial garbage bags.

2004 - Revolutionary Products
We developed a multibag – the first 3 in 1 bag on the market, conceived in partnership with Amcor Flexibles Neocel.  José Camacho, inventor of the Amcor TapeTop ® lock system, immediately presented Silvex this innovative bag for conservation and preparation. Also in 2004, we created the concept of the car bag - this is the first garbage bag for your car.

2000 - New Concept
New concept in the confection of cakes with disposable cake tins. We brought a product used in the professional world into our homes and domestic consumption.

1999 - Introduction of All-Purpose Garbage Bags
We created a new all-purpose garbage bag with the capacity of 8 / 19 / 25 litres

1998 - Garden and Bricolage
Betting on a new concept.

1995 - Factory Extension
4000 m2 extension of the factory. The first brand in Portugal to introduce zip lock and ice cube bags

1991 - Inauguration of the Benavente Factory
Introduction of lemon and lavender scented garbage bags.

1990 - New Utility Bags
Ice cube bags, freezer and food bags.

Aprons and disposable gloves.

Coffee filters.

Iron cleaner and other domestic utilities.

1984 - The Second Restyling
Introduction of oil drain paper and oven bags.

1980 - Introduction of new Utility Bags
Introduction of oil drain paper and oven bags.

1974 - Revolution
We “revolutionized” the way we threw out garbage. Remember? By the introduction of garbage bags into our lifestyle used for the collection of household waste.

1972 - Introduction of Household Cling Film
The introduction of plastic wrap in Portugal whilst commercializing the VitaFilm name and representing Goodyear in Portugal. We took a product used only in the industry sector and brought it into our homes simplifying food conservation.

1968 - Foundation of the Company
In 1968, Ernani Magalhães and his father Fernando Magalhães, founded Silvex with the goal to commercialize a range of Japanese Labelling Machines and Labels. Silvex was Sato’s second European representative.