At Home

Energy Efficiency

Learning to use energy that we have the most efficiently way as possible is a form of guaranteeing a better future for our children and children’s children.  However, to get there, we need to change our attitude regarding energy consumption, some suggestions include:

. Turn off lights and electrical appliances when not in use;

. Use public transport and for short distances, you may try walking;

. Try to caulk doors and windows, isolate walls, roofs and floors of your house;

. Before purchasing any electrical appliances check the energy efficiency sticker and choose the appliance that uses less energy;

. Turn off appliances that have stand-by mode at the actual appliance instead of with the control because when in stand-by they still consume energy;

. Avoid opening the fridge unnecessarily and when you do open it be as quick as possible;

. In the winter, take advantage of the sun rays coming through the windows, to warm up the house;

. Separate your waste;

. Substitute filament lamps for energy saving lamps. They give the same amount of light but save 80% of energy used and last 8 times longer;

. Use dishwashers whenever possible with a full load and a low temperature program;