At Home

Occupying Free Time

Your children’s free time, understood as the time used to do activities outside school, constitutes alone a problem for parents.  Having to define what to do with this time and choosing how to occupy them.

During the school period, the time that they have in the afternoon when they come home and weekends are the periods which concern us more. Here the preoccupation is focused on resting and socialising time. This way, organise outings into the country or allow your children to practice some sport, for example. The important thing is that they practice this activity with brothers and sisters or with their friends.

Problems can arise, without a doubt, when the children can not leave the house. For example, on rainy winter afternoons. The same ideas always pop up: “why don’t you go and play with the toy we gave you on your birthday?” or “why don’t you go and watch television?”. It is far more interesting if you give them coloured paper, scissors, modelling clay, paint, colouring pencils, etc., and offer them space where they can use them, surely they will make many funny objects and will stimulate their creativity.

During holidays it’s convenient that your children know that they have a holiday period exactly like their parents, whether it is 2 or 3 weeks, where they can spare freely their time and also help minimally with the housework. Obviously it is also important that they take advantage, somewhat, of the rest of the time. For elder children they may find themselves a job, study a language, participate in an activity requiring effort. The younger ones can’t accept so much responsibility in most cases but it’s good to stimulate them and guide them in activities that require some effort and in any case increase their participation around the house. It’s up to the parents to allow their children to do different activities, to open new doors and become independent in task realisation.