At Home

Make-up Tips

Dark eye shadows make your eyes smaller and light eye shadows make your eyes larger. To make your eyes smaller, take an eye pencil and pass on the inner side your eye lid close to your eyelashes. To make your eyes bigger, pass the eye pencil on the external part of your eyes.
To cover rings round the eyes, use a lighter tone corrective stick than the foundation colour. Corrective sticks that have a light green tone cover eye rings and pimples better.

To make eyelashes longer, apply mascara and use an eyelash curler (hand-operated mechanical device for curling eyelashes for cosmetic purposes and leaves eyelashes curled). Next apply more mascara.

Eyeliners are not recommended for women who have small eyes because it makes them smaller. For an easier way to apply eyeliner, use a mirror placed over a table, look into the mirror and apply the eyeliner first from the middle of the eyelid outwards and then trace another line from the middle of the eyelid inwards. In this position the eyelids don’t fold which generally causes the eyeliner to smudge.

Apply mascara only to the upper eyelashes to have a more natural look and not to “over do” your make-up. So the mascara doesn’t smudge, dry your eyelashes using a hair dryer at a distance of 15cm eyes shut to avoid irritation. If your mascara tube is dry, add a few drops of saline solution, this way your mascara can be used a few more times.

Blush may be applied lightly over the whole face after putting make-up on, to leave your skin with an equal tone. Avoid accentuating too much your cheek bones, blush should be used to lightly colour and give a healthier look.  Of you wish to “widen” your face, apply blush at the height of your ears, moving the brush towards your cheek bones. If you wish to make it skinnier, apply blush to the eye lids (between the eyebrow and the cheek bone) and brush towards the cheek bones.

To make your lips larger, outline the external part with a darker lip pencil than your lipstick, smudge the line with a brush and apply the lipstick. Apply a lighter colour and glittery lipstick in the centre of the bottom lip. To make lips smaller, outline the internal part with a lighter colour lip pencil than your lipstick. Dark colours make your lips smaller.
The mouth should be cleaned thoroughly with the same cream or make-up remover that you use on your face. After that, it should be moisturised with a good cream before going to bed.

Apply a lip moisturiser before applying lipstick, and leave for 15 minutes. Remove with a cotton bud and tepid water. Apply the lipstick and remove excess, pat with foundation and apply another layer of lipstick. The lipstick will last longer.

Removing make-up:
Be sure to remove thoroughly all make-up before going to sleep, so that the skin can breathe. To remove mascara use a cue tip dabbed with mineral oil, without rubbing. To remove make-up use creams instead of oils. This way it doesn’t leave skin “oily”. Avoid alcohol based products; these tend to dry the skin. If you don’t have a make-up remover, you may use a moisturising cream. After you’ve removed the make-up, wash your face in warm water to remove any excess.
Sponges and brushes should be cleaned at least once a week with warm water and shampoo. Pencils can be conserved longer if placed in the fridge a few minutes before sharpened. This avoids the tips from breaking.